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'Pole and hoop fitness are both a fun and empowering form of exercise for all abilities.

Sophisticated Pole offers pole fitness and Aerial Hoop Classes in Essex and Hertfordshire which allow you to get the results you want to see; toning your muscles, sculpting your body and transforming your overall appearance.

With pole fitness, getting fit and staying fit is no longer a chore!

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Who can do Pole Fitness?

Many people believe that to take part in pole dancing requires ‘established’ upper body strength, but this is not entirely true, in fact, many new students come to us having very little upper body strength and yet they still manage to complete a great pole workout.

Pole fitness classes are for everybody, regardless of your size, your age, or how fit you are.

At Sophisticated Pole we cater for all abilities and will work with you to develop your fitness and strength so that in time, as you learn the pole fitness techniques your strength and stamina will improve remarkably.

The way in which pole fitness is taught is to initially teach the basic techniques in terms of how to hold the pole and your stance around it. The instructions provided are extremely thorough and we allow you to progress at a pace that suits you. As your confidence and ability develops our qualified pole fitness instructor will help you move on to carrying out basic spins and transitions.

After a few sessions your fitness and strength will be noticeably improved and you will find the moves and techniques much easier, meaning you'll have a lot more fun too!

Some of our students even start to invert (carrying out moves upside down) and climb the pole after just six weeks!

So, if you're looking for an alternative to the gym and you're looking for a fitness class that's fun, exciting, and gets results, then fitness through pole dancing is the exercise class for you.

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The Benefits of Pole Fitness.

Pole fitness is a great form of exercise which will improve your stamina, fitness, strength and body shape, as well as offering many other benefits.

The techniques used within pole fitness classes will lengthen and tone your muscles which will ultimately change your body structure and sculpt your overall appearance.

The following list summarises some of the major benefits of taking up pole fitness, you will;

  • Burn calories
  • Strengthen & tone your inner muscles as well
    as the major muscle groups
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your suppleness & joint mobility
  • Strengthen your core stability
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In addition, at Sophisticated Pole you will meet new like-minded people, you will have the chance to let your inhibitions go, and in time you will become more self-confident.

And all of the above results are achieved within a class that really is great fun!